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beatsknocking 2012-10-18 12:46

What are some good settings using eq, compression, and limiting?
What up you guys,

A friend of mine told me that your eq settings for mastering should be like a bowl setting.Like mid to high low end on the left, with a dip in middle.And a hi high end, on the right side.Explain what settings, without using rack extensions, to have good settings.I'm starting to get better with my mixes.And it' true your ears is the best thing you have!When mixing tracks.It seems like when you learn the in's and out's of a solid foundation for a good mix.You can spot out the things you need to adjust.Like you automatically know what to do.And I'm still learning.One day I know will be there, and giving someone else the knowledge.On how to get a good mix!Can you guys give some advice on mixing then mastering?I value your advice!

Spectrephonic 2012-10-18 13:19

It all depends... Can't really answer this. I used to do lots of EQ changes at the mastering stage years ago, but now I fix it in the mix.

selig 2012-10-18 17:16

There's no single EQ setting for mastering because no two mixes sound the same. If the mix has already had it's top and bottom frequencies boosted, your suggestion for a 'bowl' EQ (often called a smiley face EQ) will make it worse. In that case a "frown" EQ (the exact opposite of the "smile" EQ) would give the desired results.

It's all relative. First of all it's a taste issues, second it totally depends on what the mix sounds like. It's like a photographer saying you should always shoot pictures with a shutter speed of 125 and aperture of f11 - this works in full sun (assuming iso 100) but won't give good results with low light. So the answer to questions like this is always going to be "it depends", like with so many things in life! :-)

snooz 2012-10-18 18:57

i agree with Selig ! theres no magic setting ! use your ears !

memlapse 2012-10-18 20:10


Originally Posted by snooz (Post 1158763)
i agree with Selig ! theres no magic setting ! use your ears !

Agreed. I'm one of the few guitar players I know that actually uses reason. It's in the middle of my signal chain, so I generally will "fix" it there, but, being a string player, my world is mostly analog, and that's where EQing will either save you or kill you. Garbage in garbage out, as they say. With digital, you are starting clean, for the most part, and you manipulate the signal to dirty it up or shape it, and analog can be used for that, obviously, but the question remains, what is a good setting?

If you need to EQ, don't be afraid to plop it anywhere in the signal path to achieve what you want. EQ is an effect, for the most part, but it's life starts out as a conditioner. You condition your hair before you comb it...same thing applies. Get your tone as early in your signal path, I don't try to EQ too many sources. Break it up and focus on what doesn't feel right to your ears. If you can do that and still keep an overall cohesive mix, then mastering takes little time and effort.

On more than one occasion, I found myself turning off the bypass on master and stopped and asked myself if I really need to change the overall mix. If time permits, I will stop, and come back with fresh, unbiased ears, and you will be amazed at what your "perceived" mix is, versus what you are actually hearing.

djfm1983 2012-10-19 08:22

Beatsknocking haven't you figured out by now (by all the similar questions you're posted for a while now ) that there's no one preset eq, comp, ect, settings for each song. No two mixes are the same so they require different settings. Take some time to learn what compression sounds like and what different frequencies sounds like. It'll take some time but will help you out greatly in the end. For learning what different frequencies sound like again I tell you to check out If you have an android smart phone check out the Aricula app, for iphone check out quiz tones. There's a free program called Mr. Soundman which is ok but IMO not as good as the others. Take time everyday to become familiar with these things, it'll help you out allot.

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