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snooz 2012-10-18 18:52

Izotop Maximizer
Hi , Im having trouble figuring out how to use the dither mode in the Maximizer, When Exporting ,Reason Can dither it to 16 bit(dither) or at 24 !
If i click on the dither mode on the max,do i still have to RE-dither it with reason as i export it ? i am trying to give the best MASTER sound to a customer and i dont know witch way is better !or simply how to choose !
Thank you !

VillaNDubstep 2012-10-18 19:32

If you're going to use dither on the izotope ozone then you don't need to dither on the reason export.

memlapse 2012-10-18 19:50

I run my final mixes through an analyzer to check for hot spots, noise, dominant tones, etc...

Last step, ear. I know that you can't always hear the difference when it comes to dithering, but convert to mp3 and listen to it in your car and you can tell, assuming your car unit isn't total crap. There is some documentation on the vendor's website regarding how they measured the difference, especially when it come to "backfilling".

snooz 2012-10-18 20:08

So i guess if i dither it in 16 bit (izotop)!
i have to Export it 24 bit (reason) ?

And yess i will test different combo ! Thx !

omshanti20 2012-10-18 20:29


selig 2012-10-18 20:56

Remember that dither is independent from bit depth. You can export at 16 bits with OR without dither. Dither is an audio signal, bit depth is a file spec. "Truncation" is the term used to describe lowering the bit depth, and when truncating a 24 bit signal to a 16 bit signal you have the option of adding dither or not (I choose to add dither). Dither is added BEFORE truncation, btw, to avoid the quantizing errors/distortion created with truncation.

One specific rule that MUST be followed with adding dither to an audio signal is to not do ANYTHING to the audio signal after adding dither. So if you put Ozone in the master insert (post Master Compressor), you can NOT make any changes to the Master Fader (since the Master Fader comes AFTER the Master Insert). To get around this, I patch Ozone AFTER the Main Outputs and BEFORE the Hardware Interface. This allows me to do fade outs with the Master Fader without and concerns about dither.

It's also worth noting that if you will do ANY further processing to the mix (aka, 'mastering'), you should not truncate the audio signal to 16 bits (and also not add dither) - export at 24 bits instead. :-)

snooz 2012-10-20 03:43

i get it !! so when im done with the track !! i make ozone my last unit before the hardware interface !!! set the ozone to dither 16 bit and leave reason to a 24 bit (uncheck) then the track should be ready for duplication on cds and the web ?

im french so i hope i got this right ! thx for the help !

gwynebiau 2012-10-20 13:12

I think you got everything except leaving Reason at 24 bit. If you're dithering to 16 bit with Ozone, that takes the place of the dither checkbox you see when you export from Reason, so you would turn that off (you don't want to add dithering twice).

If you've reduced it to 16 bit in Ozone though, you should export it from Reason at 16 bit too. Otherwise you're just wasting space.

If you want to do mastering in another program though, do *not* dither it in Ozone, leave it at 24 bit, and export it at 24 bit.

I hope that's more clear? :)

gwynebiau 2012-10-20 13:16

This reminds me though...has anyone done testing between Reason's built-in dithering and Ozone's?

I've been considering buying the Ozone Maximizer, and I know that it's a good piece of software, but I just don't know if it's enough better than what Reason offers for me to justify buying it right now rather than some other more unique instruments and effects or other mixing/mastering extensions.

smokinjoe45 2012-10-25 23:25

The hard and fast rule for dithering is that if you are working in 24 bit for recording and need to export your finished audio file as 16 bit YOU MUST dither. If you're able to remain at 24 bit through the whole process, there is no need for dithering since no noise is introduced. Noise only comes in making dithering necessary when you have to reduce your bandwidth. Hope this helps....

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