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smokinjoe45 2012-10-21 04:43

lizards talkbox
Hi out there,

Got this refill and as I understand it, it allows you to do different vocoder effects to voices. It comes with a prerecorded alphabet but you're supposed to be able to use your own vocal snippets. This is where I'm getting hung up as I don't seem to get sound out of it. The Combinators and their patches that come with it have Redrums in them as some of the devices that it looks like you'd drop your vocals into but as I said earlier, no sound. There was no documentation with it. Don't bother telling me to go to the CombinatorHQ site for help as it seems to be gone or down as I always seem to get an error message saying "not found". So, does anyone out there have experience with it or can direct me to where I can get some instructions?


davemello 2012-10-21 16:25

Hi smokinjoe45,

You need to play something on a midi keyboard/controller to hear something. Took me a while to figure it out!!. Try loading a one of the test patches, arm combi track on sequencer and play something. If you look at devices the samples are loaded into redrum and the pattern controls the timing. Then load up a blank patch. In the 1st redrum load up some samples, if you browse in the lizard refill file you'll see the dictionary. This has hundreds of words you can use, or you can load your own sample. When its loaded make sure that you have entered some values in the pattern. Then play some notes on keyboard. Should hear something!!

smokinjoe45 2012-10-25 23:20

Hi davemello,

It was the loading of samples part I wasn't clear on since I wasn't sure if the samples that were already there were for examples or all you'd be able to use. So I guess I load my own vocal samples or whatever into the Redrum and then play them so the talkbox acts like a vocoder effect running in the combinator?


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