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EspenB 2012-10-23 20:24

In-Depth Tutorials
I have been using Reason on and off for a couple of years and I still don't really know how to use the program properly. Even if I make a decent track it still sounds like shit when I try to mix it down and export it. Even if I import a decent bass drum (ex primeloops) into the ReDrum and export it feels like the whole punch has been sucked out of the drum. (I have no idea why this is the case, shouldn't it sound as good as when I imported the drum?)

There's some tutorials like Dave's toutorials, and some tutorials on how to make Skrillex Bass. But other than that most of the tutorials and books are lacking.

Most tutorials out there today are pretty bad, even all the big ones. They assume that you already know everything. Most tutorials come with a bunch of project files and then they show you how to load all those in to your sequencer and loop them. Or they tell you to pull up Nexus(complete package), Halion Sonic and all your Soundtoys vst's and all kinds of other vst's that the kids today can't afford. (Even though they pirate them all)

I can't even synthesize a sine wave, no matter which synth (but I can synthesize Skrillex bass though :P )And then I just sit and browse through a bunch of presets which is not alot of fun.

Is it too hard to get some decent user to make some in-depth tutorials on the most essential aspects of Reason? The basics, the synth's, EQ's, Compressors, Routing, Mixing, Midi, Automation and so on?(I wouldn't hate some tutorials on music theory too) And not some 10 minute youtube video where they assume you know everything. The underlying principle for why you turn this and that knob and what it does?

Now I just stack my Combinators with tons of effects, but it doesn't sound too good. I wouldn't see how this is necessary if I just knew how to use the basic effects properly.

If you pay some person in order to do this you will easily get that money back by selling in-depth tutorials of Reason.

Hopefully this would stop some of the cry for more RE's and more Synths if people know how to use the stuff they already had properly. (Or maybe this would decrease the amount of RE's sold)

Also if there's a bunch of people who know how to use Reason properly it would also mean better music, which again would result in a better Reputation for Reason.

Djstarski 2012-10-23 22:26


EspenB 2012-10-23 23:01

FX, EQ, Automation and Mixing, Beat Design Basics, Mixing & Mastering looks interesting. The price is fair, I guess. If I can't export a decent kick drum after watching those i'll give up.

OMOMs 2012-10-24 16:03

before you give up on using reason, try using the Bassdrum samples on high velocity settings. aka just press shift, when creating a bassdrum pattern in ReDrum.
(at least that improved the punchiness of my bassdrums a lot)
oh and also what kind of tutorial are you looking for? Even if it is hard to believe, the Reason manual is actually pretty well written and is a tutorial in its own right.
Just reading the section on subtractor improved my sounddesign skills massively!
you should really give it a try, it's actually fun!


QVprod 2012-10-24 17:13

whole list of JB tutorials

Buch of sound design and mixing tutorials on the YouTube channel even separated into basic and deep

It sounds to me like you've never had any real training in mixing. That's totally fine but there are plenty of free resources all over the internet. even if it's for another program. An EQ is an EQ no matter what program you use it in (even if it's not the same EQ) so just look up mixing tutorials in general and apply the knowledge you get to reason. But the propellerhead links I just posted should help you alot. You just have to do the research.

By the way your' kick drum issue is due to other instruments (probably bass) being in the same frequency range and drowning it out- hence a lack of punch. JB does a tutorial on EQing to avoid that as well as 52 other things including compression and synthesis with the reason synths in the first link I posted.

EspenB 2012-10-24 19:38


Originally Posted by OMOMs (Post 1162965)
Even if it is hard to believe, the Reason manual is actually pretty well written and is a tutorial in its own right.

Thanks for the tip, i'll take a look at it.

EspenB 2012-10-24 19:40


Originally Posted by OMOMs (Post 1162965)
It sounds to me like you've never had any real training in mixing.

You got that right. I'm reading alot of books and buying tutorials on the everything music related theese days. Just having a hard time finding something that I feel is good.

Thanks for the resources btw.

JamesBermingham 2012-10-24 23:24


Originally Posted by Djstarski (Post 1162513)

Great tutorial link. Tnx

emotica 2012-10-24 23:59

I may be the only one to think like this, but you don't need more tutorials! You need to make music as much as you can.

I can't even synthesize a sine wave
This line stands out for me.

You don't synthesize a sine wave. A sine wave is one of the most basic wave-forms that most oscillators can produce. Loading up the init patch on Thor and just switching the 4 basic wave-forms on the Analog OSC would teach you that. Just by using the program and trying around. (Or page 577 of the manual).

Pretty much all you are asking for is about the most basic things, you will learn best by yourself. Or are you seriously trying to tell me, that after 7 years of being a registered users, you don't know anything about the stuff you requested - The basics, the synth's, EQ's, Compressors, Routing, Mixing, Midi, Automation? Never touched the manual? Never tried to listen what each piece those? Never right-clicked a parameter to automate it, to draw some stuff in to listen what it sounds like? Hard to imagine.

I know how I must be sounding to you and I apologize if I you feel offended. But there is just so much already out there, (manual again or Propellerheads YouTube channel) to get any sense in your request. Every video would show you a good amount of information, on or off topic. If some tutorial is about a certain topic, but he does a specific thing also to accomplish something, you will notice that, right?

Most important is about how you learn, not on reading "the best top 10 ways to..." whatever, what an EQ does. EQ, frequency, gain, Q, done. There it is. Select your frequency, boost or cut it, choose how wide or narrow you want to cut or boost. That's as basic as it can get and this is a common thing, not Reason related, but it helps you to understand various, different tools of the same kind. Nothing hard about it. So what's the deal, really?

gwynebiau 2012-10-25 00:13

The "Substance" link at the top of the page also has a lot of good stuff. The information (especially about Thor) in the "Discovering Reason" section in particular is extensive and very useful if you want to learn how to put together sounds in a synth. :)

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