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tincture 2012-10-24 04:11

Figure for Android
That's it. (Again?) Sorry if it's a repeat.

woodruffbw 2012-10-24 10:59

I would GLADLY pay $20 for Figure on Android. You guys are charging $1 for Apple users. Totally willing to pay $19 more in order to use it on a device I already own and use daily. Use our collective extra $19 to hire someone to write the code for Android users!

OMOMs 2012-10-24 14:33

I believe I've read here on the Forum that there is no Android version of Figure, because on Android it would only work with unreasonable latency.
So unless there is an overhaul of Android I believe it would be quite frustrating to use.
I have figure on an iPhone3 which has a bit of latency, and must say it's really critical in the drums section.

but please correct me if I'm wrong, I am by no means an expert on these matters and simply reporting, what I believe to be true without actual empirical evidence :D

tincture 2012-10-24 18:16

Ah ok, that clears that one up. Thanks.

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