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danthemegaman 2012-10-25 18:11

How do you sum master fader to mono?
Just wondering, if you wanted to check your main output in mono, how do you do it?


emotica 2012-10-25 19:13

1. If you happen to use some sort of Mastering Combinator, only connect the L channels to "To Devices" and "From Devices"
2. Insert a Stereo Imager into your mastering chain and turn both bands full left (mono)

selig 2012-10-25 20:00

Don't forget that summing to mono increases the gain by 6 dB - bring it down by 6 dB to avoid clipping when summing to mono. You can build a Combinator to automatically do this when summing to mono, using a Line mixer with the Left and Right signals on their own channels and panned accordingly. To convert to mono, use one button to move both pans to center and also to bring the master down from 100 to 79-80 (6 dB falls between these two settings, use 79 to err on the low side).

Additionally, many folks (myself included) prefer to check mono compatibility on a single speaker to avoid the 'phantom center image' coloring the sound. You can create this routing by moving one of the panners to the opposite side instead of moving both to the center. You still need the -6 dB drop in either case. :-)

danthemegaman 2012-10-25 20:00

oh yea, option 2 is really obvious but just didn't think of it! thank you :D

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