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PsyTale 2012-10-25 21:46

For everyone with license errors for Rack Extensions.
Hello all,

Maybe this post should be made sticky, I read alot of posts on the forums about people having license errors at reason boottime. Sometimes licenses arent recognized while the re's have been installed. Other times something else is going on.

I havent had many problems with RE's until this week, then when i bought another one suddenly the license error came about. At first i didnt know what to do about it but then I found a solution, i deleted al Re's and resinstalled them. It worked, then i bought another RE, again with the error.

There was no way i was going to give up, so i kept on researching until i ran into this page:

It allows you to update all the licenses on your key. Apparantly this is not common knowledge and i have to say it took me some testing to find it. But that button instantly solved my problems.

This button only shows when you have some license missing on your key.

Hope this helps someone, if not then well. What the..

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