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OMOMs 2012-10-28 12:20

more prominent Forum search
Hey everyone

I was thinking of late that the Forum search could use a little update.
first it's not really prominently placed, it's just this little word on top of the page.
so I believe more people would actually use the search, if it were more obvious.

secondly I personally find the search dialog to be weirdly layed out and overly complicated.
I think of OSX's spotlight as an example.
I have no clue on how to programm these things (or anything for that matter), but I believe with an overhaul to the search function's Layout and functionality, when more people become aware of it, we'd get a tool that helps us learn, plus a less cluttered Forum.

I know its a minor request and doesn't stand a comparison to Spectral analysis, but we might not find five new thread on it every other week.
so yeah I'd like that.

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