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ampaudi 2012-10-29 02:58

Using ReFills in Reason Essentials?
A few years ago I purchased the Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill for Reason. I had stopped using Reason for a while, and recently wanted to start again however when I went to reinstall the CD I realized that I had lost my product key. Rather than spend the money on the full version of Reason again, I noticed that there is now Reason Essentials. If I purchase Reason Essentials, will the Abbey Road Keyboards ReFill work on it, or do I need the full version of Reason?


reasoner498 2012-10-29 03:50

It will depend on the devices used in the refill. If it uses devices not found in Essentials, then those patches won't work.

The best thing to do is download the demo version and try it out. Unlike previous Reason demos, the current demos are the full programs.

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