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frankdw 2012-10-29 13:16

Importing and manipulating audio
I apologize if this has been over looked by me, but if not :
- Import by simply dragging audiofiles into the timeline is really a quicker way of working instead of what it is now....
- Just quick manipulating of audio files; pitch for example would be great..... Double click, opens in a simple editor and chane things in a snap....

mmj85 2012-11-03 02:21

+1 today I was playing couple loops and would of been great to be able to drag files on the fly while the sequencers was playing. My work flow for ideas would improve trimendously if this feat was added in Reason

mac0123 2012-11-03 03:28

you can drag into sequencer window audio files just it snaps to where ever your play marker is at at that precise point in the track !.
but automation on pitch etc would be great so it would do real time time stretching with out having to use neptune as an insert to achive real time pitch bending or having to do whole track tempo automation which effects everything would be a real bonus.

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