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LEDBOO 2012-10-29 16:57

CV Suite Line Processor/Mixer
Ive recently purchased the CV mixer. And I have to say Ive done some great thing with it. To combine CV signals and munipulate them, can be very useful in making sounds. Altering FXs seems limitless. lol. Ive been messing with CV signal for some time now but never completly understood the technical aspects of WHY. So, I grabbed my Ipad and read the entire manual for Reason for the first time after using it all these years. (Basically I taught myself and asked if I had questions). lol. But now that I read the manual, WOW!, amazing. I get it! Ive been making music like a MadMan. And knowing how and why. Big difference.

If any has the CV Suite Line Processor, and has any good creative ideas they would like to share, please do.

My questions would sound so 4th gradish. Thank you. Stay positive and ROCK ON.

darrellp 2012-12-25 07:45

Still trying to figure it out
There doesn't seem to be any manual and it's not 100% clear what the connections on the back do. I'm hooking it in to Revolt to see exactly what's going out and coming in, but haven't figured everything out yet. Ah well - it wouldn't be fun if it came too easy.

pullpoti 2012-12-25 16:41

Yeah, I wanted to start a thread, about how to use this RE's. I don't get it. I'm also new to CV cableing, but I'm getting on very well. But this CV Suite Line...
Could anyone make a short video?

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