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joshuajohn89 2012-10-30 07:42

Live Sampling Dual Display for Stereo Input
Sometimes while sampling I find myself wondering why my signal appears to be maxing out at half of what it should be while monitoring by ear indicates nothing amiss, and I immediately know that I have mistakenly connected a dead cable to one of the sampling inputs. Additionally -and more often, actually- I like to compare two different signals to each other, plugging cables from two separate sources into the input, but this requires saving the sample and opening the sample editor to view them side by side when I would prefer simply to watch them live via the pop-up sampling window.

I ask, then, that a second display be added to the sampling window when recording in stereo so that each input might be monitored alone. When recording monophonic sources I suggest that the window would remain as it is now, with one window displaying a single waveform.

To illustrate my idea I have created a simple mock-up:

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