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beatsandtrees 2012-11-03 22:00

Project saving problems 6.5
Twice now after working on a project, I cannot save with an error message saying the operation could not be completed because a file could not be found. WTF

PLEASE HELP ME. After thinking about it, the only thing I can come up with with is that I have an external hard drive with samples and after successfully saving the project and ejecting my hard drive I do not close Reason first so it creates a gap. Then after a couple hours, I sit down plug in my hard drive open up the file and start working to eventually hit that snag because I ultimately did not close reason before hand. IDK, IM NOT A NOVICE BUT I FEEL LIKE ONE RIGHT NOW.

If there is something wrong with my software then also let me know if that is the problem. ITS REALLY DEPRESSING ME LOL

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