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kidmidnight 2012-11-04 19:19

Trip Hop Broken Record

Hey guys, this is the first thing I've done in this style. Going for a broken record/trip hop type style. Everything is sampled and cut up from old records (minus a few drum hits). Its obviously a work in progress.

Any kind of help or direction would be great. I know I went a little crazy on the glitch stuff and the drums need a little tightening!

Also I have no idea how it sounds on real speakers, it was mixed all on a pair of shitty sony earbuds.

snakeofjune 2012-11-04 19:45

Here are my thoughts: It's a very cool track; i liked it a lot. The samples were cool and worked very well together. I'm listening to it on HS80s and it sound pretty good. You have a lot of room on the bass end.
I noticed that there was a slightly weird either pitch shift or volume dip on the violin samples which was cool but would need a bit of work to get it to settle into the mix. The drums as you said, seemed a bit out of time in some moments and could do with some tightening. But they sounded good and had a great beat. I really didn't like the glitch on vocals. I thought it was a cool idea but you'd need to get the glitches to work more rhythmically with the track. Have you tried making the glitches, recording them and then chopping them up to fit the track? At the moment they just sound a little random - which I think they might be with the new glitch unit?! The end had a really cool DJ shadow vibe.
Hope some of that helps. Good work :)

kidmidnight 2012-11-04 20:02

Thanks man. Yeah, the weird thing on the violin is a time stretching artifact. I may try to take it outside of reason and stretch it with something else. I used buffre on the drums last night, just to add variations, but like you said, I need to go through and tighten them up.

Yeah the vocals were hit with Glitch and I went a little crazy with it :-). Definitely going to tone that down and try to make it fit better.

Thanks a lot man!

Shurfineman 2012-11-04 22:50

Very neat combination. Nice vibe to it. I liked the exotic vocal but maybe find a better balance to your manipulations?
Also, I was listening to it on Sennheiser headphones, but if you can make it sound "bigger" and get the rhythm to bump a bit more it will sound really cool!
Overall I like it, you must have a pretty good record collection.
My two cents, but hey I am new to trying to make this stuff.
Best wishes with your work!

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-04 23:40

Sounds good, got a nice vibe to it. I'll agree with the vocals needing to be more subtle with the glitch RE but the track is still good and the final version of this should sound sweet. Nice work, i like the vinyl quality to it
Little tip for the glitch RE is to use it as a send effect, it works really well for adding a bit of spice to the original signal. You can then also control the level of the glitch RE so it can be as subtle as you like or quite upfront.

kidmidnight 2012-11-05 02:02

Man, that's a great idea with the Glitch as a send effect. Thanks man, I am definitely going to try that.

kidmidnight 2012-11-07 19:01

I left a lot of room in the bass range because I can't accurately tell what I'm working with down there.

That said, when I do get proper monitors, should I eq the bass guitar samples to get more low end, or would I be better served by layering a low sine wave under them.

Another option would be leaving the bass guitar alone and doubling up the kicks with boomy 808 kicks.

Any advice?

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-07 19:24

Personally I would leave the guitar samples as they are and go for layering either a sub bass or 808.
I love the boom of an 808 and it would probably suit your track well man but try both and see which one works better for you. Each one will add something different so it's down to your preference.
Looking forward to hearing the final version by the way

kidmidnight 2012-11-12 18:02

Ok guys, I listed to your suggestions and got some good headphones. Tell me what's up!

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-12 20:09

Just had a listen and left you a comment, really like this track.

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