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stekfdd 2012-11-05 09:34

Balance - software MIXER!
I have Balance - very very nice card, i love it.

But sometimes I need record more than stereo-channel (l+r),
physically we can write 2 channels at 1 time..

But, PH can create software mixer, and write all inputs in one time as one stereo channel, or 2 mono.

I have external drum machines, synths with outputs sеereo A/B/C/D
And i write audio only 1 channel..

With Mixer about I talk, can setup levels of every Input channels, and write 1 stereo or 2 mono channels into Reason.

This Mixer of Balance can be standalone app or integrated into Reason Rack..

I really need it... Without this Mixer, I need buy physical Mixer for sum external inputs into one stereo signal... But PH can create this utility for Balance as Update!

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