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ivwill4 2012-11-08 03:49

Hi everybody i'm new!
Hello everybody
I am new here. Just got reason 6.5. I used to work on reason 4. If any body gots some good tech advice or just likes to talk about geeky music stuff hit me up. I figured I share a song made exclusively on reason.
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mayzon 2012-11-08 13:08

Drums are great, think the bass needs a little work but otherwise its a nice production! :)

mastertonyd 2012-11-08 14:16

Nice work! It gave my speakers a workout!...And welcome!

rVOLT 2012-11-08 15:29

Glad to have you join. Reason 6.5 is amazing.

Keep your head up, and be open to all forms of feedback, and you'll love it here.

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