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BCS112 2012-11-08 08:52

Saved combinator files don't show up in list?

I've been working with Reason for about a year now and something that never seemed to work well for me was creating my own combinator and saving these for later use in other tracks.

I can save the "cmb" file fine, and in Windows Explorer the files show up nicely, but when I create a new combinator and try to open the saved file (or use "Create instrument..." and search for the saved file) then the cmb file is not shown in the file list in Reason?

Anyone able to help me out here?


RXTX 2012-11-08 09:42

Where are you saving your cmb files? Are you sure you point your open file dialog to the right folder?

If you use the Search feature it will only search in folders specified by the "Search in..." dropbox in the open file dialog.

BCS112 2012-11-08 12:55

I put them in the main Reason folder, also tried running "Search..." but they were not found. I have several cmb files in different folders and some of them show up and others don't. So maybe there is some setting that I am not aware of when I save the file? Must be something really basic.....


nhsh 2012-11-08 13:05

Combinators for later Reason versions are hidden. But that might not be the issue here.

Also, it can depend on how your browsing to them. If you create a combinator and then browse, all combi patches should show up.

But if you choose Create Effect or Create Instrument, only select combis will be shown. Effect combis are those making use of the audio inputs, otherwise they are classed as Instrument combis. Or something like that.

gwynebiau 2012-11-08 13:38

Like nhsh said, make sure that it's set to show the correct type of patches, but also make sure that it's searching where the files you want are and not just inside a single sound bank or somethin'.

BCS112 2012-11-09 09:56

Thx for the help!

Will have another look tonight to see if I'm looking for the wrong type of component, but I was opening from an "empty" combinator so I should see all of them...


BCS112 2012-11-10 09:44


When I save the cmb file it shows up in the folder, when I want to open it, it is not there! No idea what's wrong, frustrating but OK I'll jave to live with it I guess...


RXTX 2012-11-10 09:52

If all else fails, you can do it the long way: open up Windows Explorer and then drag and drop the cmb file directly into Reason's rack.

SteveDiverse 2012-11-10 17:59


Originally Posted by BCS112 (Post 1173210)
I put them in the main Reason folder

That's OK, but keep in mind that if/when you update or upgrade Reason, the install process will delete *all* files (and subfolders) in the main Reason folder - which will wipe out the files you have created.

It's a good idea, though, to create a Reason folder (and subfolders) outside of the main reason folder for all of your patches, samples, refills, songs, etc and then add that folder to reason's favorites.

If you do continue to put your own files in the main reason folder, be sure to back them up before you to an update or upgrade.

BCS112 2012-11-11 10:03


Found the issue... Propellorhead 6.5 is installed in the 64bit program files ection but when I save my cmb files Reason suggested the old 32bit folder used by Reason 4 or 5.


Thanks for the help!

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