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Hunderteins 2012-11-08 17:52

Reason Nocturn Automap 4.5
hello out there,

i get crazy trying to route different instruments in reason to the different groups in automap 4.5. every time only one instrument is available. all other groups are engaged with channel 1 and/or channel 2(even i dont know really what it is for) or it is all empty:

this example shows how it should work:

thanks for any advice...

inakito 2012-11-08 18:40

just make sure u create a track for the device you want to control with the nocturn and automap will be attached to it straight away :)

Hunderteins 2012-11-09 16:27

please direct track selection via midi-device
thanks for that. but i try to select the track/device via "browser-view-mode" like shown in the youtube-link above (explained at 0.39 min.). otherwise i have to scroll long-winded in the sequencer of reason to select a track/device, which is killing my work-flow and is very annoying. may i change this?

or may i route a direct selection via launchpad - that would be great.


inakito 2012-11-11 02:51

then you need to press the view button and you will have an overlay with the different parameters already assigned. If there isnt one already assign to select the track/device just do a browse on parameter folder from the edit mapping window, and then assign it to whatever button you would like to use for that.

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