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spotterik 2012-11-09 00:13

Remote controlmaps for Edirol PCR x00
Hai! First post!

I have a PCR500 MIDI keyboard controller, and I'd really love to use it to it's full potential combined with Reason 6.5.
My goal is to be able to easily switch between different devices and control specific knobs and buttons, and sliders, and what not for each device.
I'd like to be able to assign them myself too.
I did my best with checking the interwebs, but couldn't find much about how to achieve this..
Remote control override will not do the trick..

this is what I found so far.

and here

all would be great, but I can not find the file location!! there are no such folders in R6.5 directories.. I found a Remote.dll, but I can't open it. There is a Control folder, but I can't open those files too.. :(
Any information on this topic will help!

I'm on W7 Pro 64bit

Thanks! :)

Jamesyo 2012-11-09 16:01

You have to change the remotemap files of the controller you will see them in the C: program data/ propellerhead software / remote / maps. You have to enable "see hidden folders"

after that you have to choose wich control will be assing to witch parameter in the synth.

You can ask to be a remote developper with the SDK you can do a lot of things.


spotterik 2012-11-10 09:45

I've found the files, and all seems to be ok. Showing hidden files did the trick. :D

It seems that only companies qualify for SDK. I am not associated with any company that could take part. :( Although I am very interested in this matter.
One thing is that I can't find a controlmap file for my keyboard.. there are a couple of Edirol models, like A30, M, M1, but nothing for PCRx00. :D
So I have no real idea where to move on from this.. Try to create my own controlmap from a scratch without the SDK.? ;D
I am surprised that this is so hard, I'd guess it to be pretty common to be able to customize everything.. Or maybe it is, I just don't know how.
Any more tips? Cmon peeps!! :)

spotterik 2012-11-10 11:05

I think I've found what I needed. And also that I am an idiot.
I found the PCR-300 .remotemap file, and I guess I can use that for all my needs. :D

Jamesyo 2012-11-10 14:16

No need to be a company you can apply and you will see.

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