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davidshadowdavies 2012-11-09 13:32

software synths
Well done Propellerheads for the various versions of Reason. The sound is so good and so stable.
The only thing is compatability, they have worked hard to make Reason work with windows and Mac. More compatability between versions of Reason would be between 2.5 and version 3.

LABONERECORDINGS 2012-11-09 13:40

Resaon 2.5 song files can be opened in any version of Reason upwards of 2.5.

Reverse though... I know what you mean... if Reason 3 song was opened in Reason 2.5 then the certain 'devices' which aren't available in 2.5 could have placeholders like how Reason .65 works when you don't have a RE that's needed.

However... that would be major step backwards, since each upgrade (ie v1, v2 v3 etc) has some quite significant changes, such as new devices, so would be incredibly hard to start the process of making older versions work with even older versions of Reason.

I personally have updated and upgraded along the way, and I don't need to look back. But that's just me of course :D

gwynebiau 2012-11-09 19:41

It would be nice, but there's not much software that actually works that way. In most cases they try to make sure that you can open old files in new versions, but new files in older versions? I can't think of a program right now that does it, except with long-term stable formats like plain text files or formats which are designed to deal relatively gracefully with things the interpreter doesn't understand, like HTML in your web browser.

To make that work though, plain text files have simply stayed basically the same for decades, and HTML was designed from the beginning to have programs reading it display content even if they don't understand all of the tags which are used. Reason is like just about any other program, and making it work the way you suggest at this point would require updating every old version of the software, probably after making significant changes to the current format. It would be a lot of work for something that I doubt many people are all that interested in.

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