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juanpierna 2012-11-09 19:50

Reason 7.0 Audio to Midi
It's awesome that we have third party developers creating RE so that you don't have to create every instrument or effect.

I hope that allows you to innovate with audio and mini tools within the platform. Please allow us to convert audio and user created samples to midi. You were already so close with Recycle, but now Ableton has done it.

I'm not a hater (I've been a committed user since 2001), but I feel like Props are about 2–3 years behind other audio programs in terms of editing functionality. In 2007–2009 everyone was trying to get more instrument sounds (something you already had in spades with refills). But now that most platforms have sound banks, they've returned to focusing back on editing features (e.g., Logic 9 with Flextime or Ableton with audio to midi).



Exowildebeest 2012-11-09 20:45

True, though it's still unclear how well Ableton's new audio to midi works.

Rex integration, transient detection etc. etc. etc. has been suggested so many times, I think Propellerheads are well aware of the needs in that area. Reason hasn't had much audio features for a long time, and this is an area they've only explored fairly recently, hence the lack of those features compared to other software.

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-10 00:45

I've suggested that reason introduces this similar to ableton in a number of similar threads. Eg, right click on an audio track and select 'slice audio to rex track' Reason acts like recycle and automatically detects the transients of the audio file.
This has been a well covered topic in these forums and i'm sure props know how much people would like to see recycle integration.
Atleast we do have recycle (which has been made less important since audio integration) and I hope that if recycle is merged with reason in version 7 then Recycle owners get a nice discount ;)

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