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RawTech 2012-11-10 11:38

New stuff after nearly half a year. Technoish
Hey guys, it began to snow and I immediately got an idea for a track.

Take a listen and DL for high quality:

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I would love to get some comments / feedback :)


ryszard 2012-11-10 14:31

Miles outside of anything I would have gone looking for, and the last thing I would have expected for snow ambience, but eminently listenable and well produced. Sounded great online; I don't know what difference HQ would make thru my Presonus AudioBox and Sennheiser HD 280 'phones. Nice work.

RawTech 2012-11-10 15:16

Thanks for the feedback :)

The title was chosen, because I created and almost finished the track when the first snow appears this year. So in my creativity I thought it would be a good title, hehe.

I only pointed out the DL since it is a 320 kbit/s mp3. Anyway I'm pleased you like it.

charlycharlzz 2012-11-11 01:25

it's nice !

RawTech 2012-11-11 11:28


Originally Posted by charlycharlzz (Post 1175172)
it's nice !

I'm glad you like it :)

craste 2012-11-11 12:08

some nice sound there mate

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