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wurc1975 2012-11-10 15:47

Sample internal music from Spotify
Hi everybody !

When I play music from internal, example from iTunes or from Spotify, nothing is working with Balance Audio Card....

I can sample from external source example by using the input line and sing on a micro. But what happens if I wish capture an internal music from iTunes ?????

Thank you :)

BonezMcCoy 2012-11-10 15:51

You need Soundflower or Jackaudio for that.

n0ahg 2012-11-10 15:53

Play the audio from iTunes through your internal sound card and connect the internal sound card line out to Balance line in :)

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-10 17:03

Could this work for standalone minimoog app on my macbook pro?
I love this thing and would really like to be able to have it running in the background with reason so that when I want to use it all I have to do is arm the record and play to get the audio in reason.
I have maschine and could do it that way with more flexibility but I'd rather just sample straight into reason with certain apps that are both vst and standalone.
Hopefully looking to get an audio interface sometime soon and if I can do this then that would be great

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-10 17:59

I've done this now thanks for suggesting soundflower Bonez.
This has made my day :D Minimoog in reason wooo!

BonezMcCoy 2012-11-10 18:33


Originally Posted by VillaNDubstep (Post 1174943)
I've done this now thanks for suggesting soundflower Bonez.
This has made my day :D Minimoog in reason wooo!

Goods! Only drawback is there is no MIDI clock sync...

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-10 18:41

This kind of works as a pro for me because I'm trying to improve my live playing skills with keyboards.
So all though I can't correct any notes that I may have played in wrong hopefully this will help me to improve my playing skills because I have to play it in perfectly when recording. I might go through many takes before I get it right but this should definitely help me.

Nymphomation 2013-04-03 15:05

Is anyone doing this on PC with Jack audio?

I would really like to sample spotify straight into Reason. I've installed Jack and got it running, but just can't figure out how to connect it properly.

Reason 6.5 can see ASIO Jack, but I can't get spotify to run through it. Can anyone help?

tinylee 2013-05-31 19:12

Any update on Olly's question?

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