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ChristofferMiranda 2012-11-14 21:36

Shared projects on the cloud
Me and my friend thought about a really cool thing. We're making music together, but we're doing it on distance. He's in Sweden and I'm in the US. Problem is that we cannot work on the same project at the same time(if we for instance use dropbox we overwrite eachothers projects). So my idea is the following:
-Access the same RSN-file.
-See changes that are made in a project (on the cloud) in real time.

This would be an awesome feature for us producing on distance. Or is there already a way to do this?

jamesmiles 2012-11-15 08:24

That one might be tricky... As the software would have to decide on which device to keep, if both of you were editing the same instrument!

Perhaps an "Import Device/Tracks from .RNS"

That way you could make incremental copies of the song... and import parts that aren't in your current version.

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