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omman 2012-11-15 18:53

We need good guitar & bass amp simulator
Hi propelleheads geniuses...

We urgently need amps for guitar and bass.

That I think is the most under represented feature in the Reason software.
The bass amp is not that bad, tried it and it works ok, but the guitar amp is to basic and the fact that you can't edit the FX and mike placement are features deadly missing.

I own Scuffham S-Gear and it's a very good amp, I also have Line6 PodFarm 2 witch is way better than what is included with your software.

I am new to Reason and find that it's a very good software to work quickly and with efficiency, it's an amazing tool. I was working with Logic Pro and still am but planning on going completely Reason for all it's features, but please give us amps simulators so that we can to get decent guitar tones...

Thank you... keep up the nice work.

normen 2012-11-15 19:00


Originally Posted by omman (Post 1178493)
I own Scuffham S-Gear and it's a very good amp, I also have Line6 PodFarm 2 witch is way better than what is included with your software.

Lol, its the same plugins, not exactly sure how it can be better ;) You can even load the Line6 models you bought in PodFarm in Reason when you unlock them with an iLok or a Line6 device.

omman 2012-11-15 19:14

I know all about that but my friend, but the fact that you can't edit directly inside of Reason make's it ackward to work with from inside the application.

It can play the FX but as I said, which was my point from the beginning, you can't edit the patch from Reason. You have to go outside of Reason in the standalone PodFarm app, edit the sound, save it and then you can load it back to Reason.. Not good compared to all the DAW out there that can do that in the plug-in as a basic and normal feature...

Line6 should give us a free Rack Extension version to all the owners of their software so that we can function more freely as it should be...

normen 2012-11-15 19:27

As I liked the ToneDirect feature of the Line6 UX8 I have for Reason I guess I didn't notice that so much as a hassle as I'd have to do it anyway to get back to the dials of the sound I played.

I always record a stereo channel with amped signal left and dry signal right to be able to get back to the dials while still not taking away too much processing headroom with amp simulations (those are quite the bitch DSP wise).

omman 2012-11-15 20:28

That's good and nice if you want to record your guitar sound already effected on the wet channel and have a dry channel on the other track but what you have access to as sound programming from the line6 amp in reason is more than limited. You can a sound patch, only edit the amp settings, change the amp all together or change the cabinet that's all.

The advantage to have a complete plug-in like version inside Reason is that you can edit all your FX and sync them to the song's tempo. Edit on the spot your distortion, chorus or delay while the song is playing. .. etc. way more versatile for my way of doing things.

I prefer to work in that fashion, but the direct monitoring I also use if I don't have access to my preferred way of working..

See you mate...

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