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cyclic604b33 2012-11-16 02:30

octorex bug (waveform preview not truncated to left and right markers)
FYI , i made a custom Rex file with Recycle and set up the left and right markers in the file, the full wave is quite long and will be used for several seperate rex files.

specifically focused on a specific fret on a specific string on a bass guitar.

when i load the truncated rex file into the octo rex player the full wave profile is visible even though there are no slices over much of the waveform and the right marker should be the clipping point is way to the left of the visible waveform.

this seems like a bug to me ..

ps. it would be great if they could somehow make it so a single slice could have probability, or randomly choose from several similar sounding samples to avoid repetitious loop triggers and also account for some velocity based switching ..with the same kind of random trigger of assigned similarity on different velocity layers ...

maybe we can double click on a slice or twirl down a special panel to reveal a velocity and alternate slice association management panel.

there should also be a bug icon below the text entry here to go along with the lightbulb and the happy face .. :)


cyclic604b33 2012-11-16 02:45

ok, i just looked again and did make a mistake ... the right marker seemed to jump ... false alarm ..

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