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phonex 2012-11-17 19:10

Figure (app for ipad)
i made some wonderfull sounds with figure. Nice app!!
But now everything is lost... :(
when export a song .. where does it goes to , it is nowhere to find.. itunes on ipad is itunes store , but no place for storing music that you make youreself...
I'm new with ipad. where on the ipad do i need to look?
i contacted apple.
they said to install itunes on my pc, and then synch the ipad with pc.
Ok , i did.
Then i exported again al my songs .. still nothing to find..
Then is synched the application "Figure" on ipad to computer and now i lost all my songs...
How does it works?
please , anyone know how to do? is there any chance i will find my songs?
thank you

MAL9000 2012-11-19 15:49

Have you tried to go to the File Sharing section of apps?

hollownation 2012-11-19 16:24

click on the apps tab then scroll to the bottom and thats where the file sharing thing but its such pain in the arse its almost like they dont want you to move your own files around

I hate apple for making such beutiful technology then locking it all up so you cant use it

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