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yentil 2012-11-18 09:07

Some kind of clip-based composition module
This would be a built-in module that folds out, ala the Regroove Mixer. I don't even know how this would look or work necessarily, but essentially it would be similar to Live's clip mode function. In that you could rearrange your composition on the fly, quickly finding new song ideas, as well as enhancing live-play. *I sometimes will randomly click my cursor to land at different points, while a track plays, & I will find cool ideas. By quickly skipping to 3-4 places in the track, weird accidental things can happen, & beautiful sounds/grooves/track ideas can be born. But taking that & turning it into a new track, or experimenting further is a bit laborious as of now.

A possible solution would be some kind of tool that folded out (like the Regroove module, but with a matrix layout), where we could trigger & add new clips (Blocks) & frankly manipulate endlessly. Being able to tweak the composition so dynamically would be a creative-joyride every time. Make a better mousetrap!

KingEternal 2012-11-18 13:20

I like that idea a lot. Would be cool if Blocks were launchable and automatable, combine that with your Gui description and some blinking lights
and assignable colors = WIN!

nhsh 2012-11-18 13:55

Nice idea! In the meantime, if you're not on Mac, check out seq24

- It's liver than Live with shared clip arrange/session modes
- The sequencer lets you "machine gun" draw notes in the pattern
- You can MIDI sync Reason to it, so mix and blend your sequencer duties
- It also has the amazing ability to sequence your hardware gear; a feature they call "MIDI Out"

- Minimal UI
- Requires a five minute read of the text file to learn
- Doesn't make coffee

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