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Mehdo 2012-11-18 21:35

Reason 7 needs
Midi out 64 channels

Better sampling in existing samplers/w recycle intergration

Sampling for Dr.Otorex/w recycle intergration and loop play adding 16 more channels to play loops live with all the trigger modes

Mixer groups

Step sequencer

Rewire hosting

Better piano roll/ meaning I change my quantize to 1/4 the piano roll should adjust to allow only quater notes to fit and If changed to 1/16 it should adjust ect.

(vst option) or Rack Ex should be seperate .exe programs. anyone want to add

JaySobczak 2012-11-19 22:57

I agree with you on everything, especially MIDI out, mixer groups, ReWire hosting and VST/separating RE.

To elaborate on better sampling; use of HOTKEYS in Sample Edit Mode! Its such a pain in the ass when chopping up samples into NNXT etc. and having to use the mouse to drag the S and E parameters.

Assignable Mono Outputs on Kong, NNXT, Rex etc. having the 16 Stereo outputs practically means 8 total. Very weak for reSampling etc.

Automation of ALL NNXT parameters in the instrument and in the mini one in Kong.

32bit bouncing

More color options for tracks AND mostly for the program itself. After using ProTools or Ableton then switching over to Reason, the white backgrounds are blinding, especially in the wee hours of the night/morning.

More Sends/Aux Outputs. Need at least 16.

DSP metering in percents, not just tiny blue lines.

Ability to bounce specific MIDI tracks, not the entire sequence. IE just the chorus bass line.

Make the audio stretching worthwhile...the ablity to affect pitch without Tempo/Sample Length. Reversing and normalizing is nice, but why stop there?

Spectral Analyser and Phase Scope. The analyser wrigged through the Vocoder is ghetto and weak.

Better mastering capabilities in general, like Mid-Side Mastering with Multiband Dynamics, Harmonic Excitement, Stereo- Imaging etc. Reason can do these things, like with Peff's Mid-Side mastering patch, but its all such a ghetto and lengthy process. I get so much better/faster results in Ozone. RE makes their IRC II limiter available, but none of their other features, and they already introduced IRC III in Ozone 5, which kicks ass.

Reason will always have a special place in my heart/studio, but I really wanna see them step their game up in R7 to compete with Ableton/Pro Tools, esp Ableton.

DrummahBoy 2012-11-19 23:59

I agree with the coloring options. Props can take a page out of Adobe's book for that one. :D

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