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akanoworms 2012-11-19 00:11

Which Midi Keyboard?
I'm new to the forum and just looking for a bit of help getting set up! Laptop is sorted and will be esing essentials. I'm now looking for a small midi controller keyboard and external audio interface, lowcost as I am really doing this for fun more than anything else! I have a couple of questions if anyone can assist:

1 - do I need a midi interface or would a USB midi keyboard work?
2 - if so, does anyone have experience of the Akai Pro MPK mini?
3 - any suggestions on the interface? Ive been looking at the Presonus USB Audiobox but i'm thinking I can save some cost if I don'y need the midi i/o?

Any tips or advice appreciated!

VillaNDubstep 2012-11-19 00:44

1. usb keyboard will work really well with reason, you don't need any kind of interface to run it
2. Akai are a good brand, i like them. Can't speak for that particular model though
3. If you haven't bought your essentials copy yet then I'd suggest you check out balance. That has reason essentials included for free.
Audio interfaces all depend on your needs so if you list what you might need it for then people will be better off to be able to help you

Lastly, welcome :)

akanoworms 2012-11-19 08:35

Great that's most helpful. I was lost regarding the keyboard, last time I used midi it.was hooked up to an Atari ST (showing my age there!) Regarding the audio interface, main requirements are:
- Portable
- Mic / instrument inputs ( balanced and line)
- Decent outputs
- Potential also use to catalogue vinyl collection

Have spotted an M audio USB pre, I'm thinking that's the way to go!

ryszard 2012-11-19 10:23

I have the AudioBox and find it useful and adequate. I use USB MIDI for my keyboard and so far haven't needed the 5-pin DIN connector, but I do have some older modules and still might, so I'm glad I have it. You do want some form of audio I/O other than your laptop ports. The only reason you might want more than the AudioBox is for more ports or more than the 48 kHz max sampling rate. It also gives you front-panel hardware control of input levels and separate knobs for headphone and speaker volume--very handy.

By the way, you get a bundled copy of Presonus' Studio One DAW software with it. It doesn't support Rewire (you have to have the full version for that) but it might be fun to play with; I've heard good things about it.



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