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picalo32 2012-11-19 06:28

Macbook g4, is it fast enough??
Someone offererd me a older macbook, right now I don't have a laptop or anything, it has a 1.5 ghz processor, 1.5 gb of ram. Is that fast enough to run record? Also I have not registered my record as of yet, is there a way to just buy the rack devices, without buying 6?

I really don't need 6, as I already have record, I just need the rack devices. Any insight will help.

dreampolice 2012-11-19 07:45

No it wont run record or R5 or 6 because they don't support PPC processors at all. Reason 4 is the latest you will be able to use.

BonezMcCoy 2012-11-19 07:53

What DP said, plus you need R6.5 or a newer version for RE compatibility.

picalo32 2012-11-19 22:55

Should I even get it, I see unopened copy's of r4 around quite a bit, but can it run any kind of daw's smoothly?
Money is very tight right now, is it worth the time?

dreampolice 2012-11-20 01:59

I ran R4 on a rig like that for a long time. It worked great, but you will hit the ceiling.

picalo32 2012-11-20 06:13

thanks im gonna see if I can get a later model

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