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jsonzwerver 2012-11-19 16:24

record multiple midi tracks at one go!
Hello friends & foes,

I set up my Akai MPK 61 for live settings using the full features of this monster
together with my Mac Book Pro 13" and Reason 6.5.
I wanted to set 4 x Kong under my padbank and be able to play a combinator for instance.
And ... record it at the same time without change the tracks!

I figured it out; read please all the other answers in this post.

reasoner498 2012-11-20 11:47

Not really an answer, but look at advanced midi on the rack, and look at the midi guide in the docs folder, and see if that helps to figure it out.

jsonzwerver 2012-11-23 00:32

This way WILL work! 6.5

Everyone who is looking for recording 4 or more miditracks at the same time;
Do you have 4 midi controllers devices and want to record in 1 live performance?

Set preferences to control surfaces, set them up using edit button.
No master keyboard and separate them.
Lock surfaces (option or right click on the track of device you want to play).
An your up and running.

Make sure that your driver software is correct for every physical midi device.

Do you have 1 midi controller like I do, and want to record i.e. 4 pad banks and 1 keyboard?

Or do you have windows?

Than you should read this post from my new found friend Koshdukai, the first answer
on my question in the link above!

eclectus 2013-02-07 22:05

Sorry for rezzing this thread. This was exactely what I was looking for. Very informative, wanted to thank you jsonzwerver!

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