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CrankSIN 2012-11-19 19:38

Hi all this is my first Topic here
Hey all
1.Dear Propellerheads just thank you really :D

I am an hobby musician from Germany and luving Reason since 2.5 :)
just like to introduce you here my ElectronicBeats Project
I learned so much about Producing and using Hardware with Reason it's awesome

And for the Fun feel free to download
This Demo 5Track EP with some Reason Synth Patches
and yes it's free
and may push the like buttom

ShortInfo about me: starting make Music with 11Years, explored Synth Sounds etc. First HeavyRockBand founded with 16Years Playing Guitars there and learned some Basic Druming Skills.
-Back to electronic and first Djing Stuffs + Effects and Grooveboxes :)
Now producing on Reason 6.5 and say bye bye VST for now (may not forever)

Well this is it just my start up
Hope you like It
thank you for reading

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