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Jake976 2012-11-19 22:51

Reason Essentials Questions
Hi everyone, just trying to learn a bit more before I buy!

I've been playing around with reason 6.5 on a friends set up for a bit and I love it, I'm looking at making loops (read backing tracks) to add synths, pads, specials etc etc behind a full band. I managed to make my first track and it was great fun, so I want to get in on all of this but can just about afford reason essentials and a controller.

- I really liked Thor in the full version, is there any way of getting it in essentials? And if not what happens if I open a project in essentials that uses it?

- if I'm using solely pre-recorded tracks live what is the best way to trigger them? Ideally I'd like to split each section into parts of the song, eg intro, verse 1, chorus etc etc, have them set up to run in one order then be able to trigger another chorus or whatever is needed on the fly. I know ableton live is good for this but I'm (a bit) familiar with reason and quite like it, plus don't really want to spend another £70 to buy ableton live intro!

What do you guys think?

reasoner498 2012-11-20 01:48

You can't open Reason files in Reason Essentials. Nor can you get Reason devices other than RE in Reason Essentials.

And I'm not sure how people use Reason live, so I can't really answer that.

My suggestion is to hang out in the KVR market place and keep an eye open (or post a WTB thread...) for somebody selling Reason and Ableton Live.

You can typically find Reason or Essentials for about 50% of retail, or older versions of Reason for around $100 (you'll need at least v4 for Thor...), and Live Lite or Live Intro for less than $50.

Having both would give you the most flexibility, and they work well together via Rewire.

You can also find people selling Reason here in the general forum, but not quite as often.

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