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VinnyDalfonso 2012-11-20 20:18

So I want to sell my Reason 6. Can you help me?
Long story short, I just don't use reason 6 as much as I thought I would. How exactly do I go about reselling it? is it difficult to switch licenses over if the transaction is done over eBay? Is there anything I should know before going through with selling it? Thanks guys, I really appreciate it!

On propellerheads site it says "A license number that is authorized on an Ignition Key (or Balance) cannot be transferred to a new owner. Please remove the license numbers that have been written to a hardware device and resubmit your transfer request" what exactly does this mean?

dudelab21 2012-11-20 20:58

It means, you should remove your license first on the Authorization Key, then contact PH and let them know you're gonna transfer your license. They'll most likely email you back with steps on what to do after.

Also, if you wanna prevent that hassle, I accept donations. It would help a lot of young up and coming beat makers around my area. :)

VinnyDalfonso 2012-11-20 21:33

I would if I could! Sadly, I'm getting rid of Reason mostly because of financial issues. How exactly do you remove the license on the authorization (ignition?) key? Thanks!

SteveDiverse 2012-11-20 21:57

goto "your account" and select manage license next to all of the licenses that show your ignition key icon. i think there is a remove or de-authorize option -- i'd test it and post the actual steps, but i don't want to mess up my key :)

Here's the info on buying/selling used copies

I suggest you read the seller and buyer stuff so you know what to do from your end, and what the buyer is supposed to expect. note that once you find a buyer, it can take a few days for the transfer to go through - and it won't happen over a weekend, as it is done manually by someone at Props during sweden business hours.

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