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TheFatControlleR 2012-11-20 22:38

Show Key...
It's already done in the likes of Fruity Bastards but; I think it might be useful to have the note shading in the sequencer/piano roll/clip edit mode show the notes compatible with any given key (selectable via the Transport channel - Tempo/Signature/Key lanes) perhaps defaulting to C Major, or whatever the user so wishes. Key changes could be selected accordingly during the song, etc., to change the shading accordingly.

It was the Music Theory thread that brought this about, although I'm sure it must have been suggested already - unfortunately the search function doesn't like 'key', too short. :(

kayfinesse 2012-11-20 22:44

I agree. I feel that what Reason 7 (or 8) needs is better editing options for MIDI and audio and a way to let CV control the ReGroove mixer.

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