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jsonzwerver 2012-11-23 15:12

Ahoy my fellow Reason lovin' 2 handy playin' synthesizer piano friends,

In a further quest to setup my MPK 61 / Macbook pro 13" / Reason 6.5 I found out about this
Implementation Chart.

The chart says that the control number for example "master level" is 7 on Malstr├Âm
But when I turn a MPK knob that gives 7 it turns the spread knop!
I found that a knob with the number 9 turns main volume.

So what's up with this experience?!
It's the same for example Thor; The chart says Contr. # 7 = master level but the knob that sends
7 turns the filter 3 drive...

What do I miss? I know by using the tab Options / remote override edit mode
I can see the knobs standard mapping but it makes no sense with the chart!

Where on earth can I find the right standard mapping and is it possible to change it?

After my full week research on the pad problem I had, I'm al little bit tired and as we say
in Holland: "I don't see the forest trough the trees"...
I'm wearing Tandstick├Âr matches between my eyelids from the sleepless nights.

So what's up with this, any of you Reason veterans might know?

normen 2012-11-23 15:20

It seems you mistaken the label of the knob with the MIDI controller number it sends out. Check the manual of your controller on how to change the "MIDI mapping".

jsonzwerver 2012-11-25 19:06

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Thanks NHansen,

I checked the manual if I was not editing something else but I am really changing the control number.
check my Thumbnail to see what i am doing.

Edit: I found it on the Propellerwebsite:


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