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sagana33 2012-11-23 23:53

Sending chords to a synth by pressing a button?
Let's say I have a rack made of Thor 1 and Thor 2.

It's a live gig. I'm playing Thor 1 on my keyboard.

From time to time I'd like to be able to play a chord on Thor 2: sustain notes, that will keep playing in the background while I'm playing Thor 1.

Is there a Reason device that allows me to do this?

The notes could be pre-determined. For example:
I'm playing in C on Thor 1, so I get Thor 2 to accompany me with a sustained C chord (that was programmed before the gig.)
Then a minute later I'm playing in F on Thor 1. So I trigger Thor 2 so it gives me an F chord (that too was programmed before the gig.)

The chords for Thor 2 were prepared before the gig. I trigger them (with a button?) when I need them while playing.

Kind of like a loop. But a MIDI loop?

How could I do that?

kdagsjm 2012-11-24 00:11

check this SOS link out on how to split the keyboard between instruments("doing the splits" section).
You could then "prepare" your chords by recording them into on of the NN's as samples and have it assigned to a particular key. Hopefully someone with more experience in this kind of thing can give you more info - but this seems a feasible approach to get what you want I think.

reasoner498 2012-11-24 00:31

Polar can lock a note(s) and keep playing it. Maybe Buffre can do it, too?

Benedict 2012-11-24 01:00


I'd create a Combi with 3 Thors with the same patch (and knob routing if necessary).

Then set the OCS tuning for each to the notes in the chord e.g. Octave / +4 semi / +7semi

Now you either trigger with a normal keyboard


Set up a Button to Trigger the Gates of the Thors with the root note and hey presto Chord.


sagana33 2012-11-24 05:45

Thanks very much guy.

Let me do the homework so I can try all this. Then will come back with feedback.

Thnkz again!

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