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Futuregrapher 2012-11-24 00:17

Problem with Balance - audio lagging.
Hey guys.

Been experimenting problems with Balance.

I installed it correctly - followed the instructions - and after first try, my audio starts lagging.

Now I've re-installed the driver and tried it again. Tried every USB port... And every time, it lags.

Just playing a simple mp3 makes the audio lag.

What to do?

I have a new PC - with Windows 7 installed. All the drivers are up to date.

Thanks in advance.

Arsenic 2012-11-24 09:48

The only thing I can think of is - did you install the Balance drivers that can on the Reason Essentials disc.

If so, there is an update for them which fixed a few issues.

Try this one to see if it makes a difference:

If not, I would e-mail support

n0ahg 2012-11-24 14:12

Are you trying to use it from Reason and other programs at the same time?

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