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Brookfield67 2012-11-25 19:23

Bus to the Main Mixer
I think this is probably any obvious answer but I just not getting how to bus all my tracks to the Main Mixer? I have a song with about 5 or 6 midi channels wth FX etc and 3 or 4 audio tracks. All are bused to the 14:2 Mixer which has some reverb and EQ in the Return FX. My main mixer only shows the audio channels and some Mix channels with the whole song signal (stereo mix) bused to Mixer 1.

Can I get all of my tracks/channels into there own Main Mixer channel.

I'm sure this iobvious but I can't suss it?



eightecs 2012-11-26 12:15

If your intention is to make a mix group to be able to apply compression for example to the group, then this clip might help you. I do this with drums and percussion to glue them together before applying general compression, eq and so on to the whole mix. Hope it helps.

Dave909 2012-11-26 13:33

If you want to use the main mixer to mix all tracks you shouldn't make a 14:2 at the top of the rack as everything will get routed to it and thus doesn't get individual tracks on the Reason main mixer. You can always reroute by creating mix channels and connecting the devices which are connected to the 14:2 to it. Each device needs it's own mix channel to get connected to the main mixer directly.

You can indeed use 14:2 mixers as subgroups for drums or other groups of instruments. But each mixer will end up on one channel on the main mixer.

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