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snowrideit 2012-11-27 04:42

Layering for Thicker Sound?
Does anyone layer their drum beats. I know I typically layer (duplicate synths and bass to get a thicker sounds... when I played the track on the home stereo it sounded great, when I played it in my car the drums sounded wimpy. Any tips would be helpful, I am super new to this whole music making passion of mine.

rVOLT 2012-11-27 16:02

I wish someone paid me in drum layers.

jezob1 2012-11-27 18:26

upload a the mix so people can have a listen

Djjimmyc 2012-11-27 18:49

The biggest part of layering is all about being able to listen to your mix critically and make assured decissions on what is missing and what layers to look for.

Don't just keep stacking kicks up cuz they'll end up sounding s**t, they'll possibly phase out you'll end up with a flabby powerless kick.

You need to be thinking, for example...."hmm that snare lacks low end" etc
and go on the hunt to find a low ended snare to sit underneath.

get a loop of your drums up and load a redrum, place the snare hits (or what ever you're layering) where you'd want them in the step sequencer and hit play. then as you scroll through snare samples you can hear them in real time layered up with whats there and this will give you a good indication if something is going to work right from the it'll save you ages trying to make it work only to end up scrapping it!.

Once you got something that works well without tweeking start playing with the pitch, sample lenghts, sample start, eq.

i'll go into it a touch more later, got to leave work first :)

AvatarOne 2012-11-27 19:14

You don't really need to layer kicks at all - the key is good samples. The kick in the first part of the track below is one drum sample. The kick drum in the 2nd part of the track (dubstep part) has a sub kick layered below it.

If you're making dance music just make sure that the kick peaks louder than anything else, and use subtle side-chaining to let it pump through even more.

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I think people often over-treat kick drums, good samples, side-chaining, and good gain-staging is the key IMO :)

I do sometimes layer snare drums, but I only have 2 maximum - there are 2 snare drums in the track here. I will use a transient shaper to give the sound snappiness, and will also low cut anything below 100-200hz. Good samples is key again.

normen 2012-11-27 19:32

Every. Single. Drum. Beat. You. Hear. On. The. Radio. Is. Layered. :) And the "good samples" too :p

AvatarOne 2012-11-27 19:37


Originally Posted by nhansen (Post 1186366)
Every. Single. Drum. Beat. You. Hear. On. The. Radio. Is. Layered. :) And the "good samples" too :p

Yes, but the good samples are already layered and honed...that's my point.

Good sets also come with transients and subs.

inakito 2012-11-28 00:02

Key for me is having good samples to start with but if you dont have them you can make them layering different sounds adding what the first one is missing, one by one on top of the other.
Then you need some good speakers to do some proper EQ and probably add some kind of compression... or distortion depending on the case.
this formula works for me pretty well :)

snowrideit 2012-11-28 00:55

ha, took me a second to get that!

snowrideit 2012-11-28 01:00

Here is the song. its not just i just got the sections i wanted, then Ill arrange it into a song layer.

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