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concep 2012-11-27 18:23

SRO & SBD - Sorry Guys. This one is getting stinky.
Here is a funny song that my friend Dave wrote. It originally just had a kick and bass guitar. I added some rex loops from the Factory Soundbank and helped him with wingman vocals.

It's a breathtakingly immature song about farting on a train. Let me know what you think!

rVOLT 2012-11-27 20:56

Hello, my name is Elder rVOLT and I am here to tell you about a song you wrote... LOL (spoofing book of mormon)

concep 2012-11-27 22:43

Thank you Elder rVOLT.

I actually recorded my vocals in Garage Band on my iPhone in the parking lot of McDonald's. They were the standard iPhone 5 headphones. I did them all over my lunch break. I didn't want anyone at work catching me dropping these insightful lyrics, so I had to go somewhere where I could sit in my car unmolested. Taco Bell might have been a better choice given the lyrics of this song. Garage Band on the iPhone is very hard to be productive on, and I had to export the song to MP3 for every vocal track I recorded. I did all the mixing in Reason.

The lyrics that Dave wrote are hilarious. I know they are hilarious because I played them for my wife and she rolled her eyes at me and gave me a look of disgust. That is her natural reaction to things that are intolerably hilarious to men yet repulsive to women. She also hates my awesome new flaming avatar picture.

Dave is primary singer on this. I do the "wingman" parts and the backing vocals.

concep 2012-11-30 00:16

bump :) Anybody listen to my awesome song?

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