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CUBRICON 2012-11-28 08:23

real time, no lag switching between Song and Block View
Currently, when playing a song, if you hit the "B" key, the computer takes a breath of fresh air, mutes playback and then resumes playing in whatever mode you are in, be it Block or Song view.

It would be great if there was no muting of the sound... even if it continued playing the last view for a specific amount of time (like to the end of a bar or something)

The way the software would decide which measure to play within a block would depend on which measure you are currently playing in your song divided by the number of measures between the start and end locators inside the block and using the remainder to decide which measure to play from within the block.

i.e. something like this (and please pardon my bad code):

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
/* Beats, 1/16th Note and Ticks should be passed along from sequencer with no change*/

int cmsong; /* current measure in song*/
int nmblock; /* number of measures in a block */
int newmeasureblock; /* new measure to play at inside the block */
int playagain;

while (playagain = 1){
printf("\nWhat is the current measure? ");
scanf("%d", &cmsong);

printf("the current measure is %d\n\n", cmsong);

printf("How many measures are in the current block? ");
scanf("%d", &nmblock);

printf("there are %d measures in the current block", nmblock);

if (cmsong % nmblock == 0)
{newmeasureblock = nmblock;}
{newmeasureblock = cmsong % nmblock;}

printf("\n\nthe new measure to play = %d", newmeasureblock);

printf("\n\nwould you like to play again? 1 = yes , 0 = no :");
scanf("%d", &playagain);


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