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jk4lg 2012-11-29 19:11

HOPE you like- feel free to comment


mastertonyd 2012-11-29 20:54

N*i*c*e b*e*a*t

jk4lg 2012-12-06 04:54

thanks for the feedback..... glad u like

rVOLT 2012-12-06 07:56

Yes sir, I like it
sounds good.

snakeofjune 2012-12-06 14:03

Great beat. Have you sidechained the drums for extra punch? I thought the kick was a little flat but with a few tweaks this could be pretty massive. I wasn't keen on the old-skool lead - it sounded out of place on a pretty modern beat. Actually it reminded me a little of quiet dog by mos def. Also, are you putting any rap to it?

jk4lg 2012-12-09 03:04

No haven't really done much tweaking, still a WIP. Jus Thought I'd get some feed back to see what the masses thought. An yes, Ideally this is a rap beat. by the way, which lead were you refering to, the sine or the saw in the hook?

sagana33 2012-12-09 04:25

Yes. GREAT beat!

jk4lg 2012-12-10 02:30

thanks bro..

jk4lg 2012-12-10 02:32

check out some of my other stuff tell me what u think

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