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raymondh 2012-12-02 06:44

Our new surprise...
Hi everyone

I'm a proud Dad again :-) Here's a little video clip, using my track "New Expectations" which I wrote when my wife and I finally conceded that we were expecting again (2 supermarkets worth of pregnancy kits later... ) ha ha

Welcome to Lucas James Hayter... (yeah yeah I know, slightly OT)

moofi 2012-12-02 07:03

bienvenue on planet earth :)

Mate 2012-12-02 07:05

Boooooooooom on my roooooooooom right now!:) I ma totally drunk! :D nah stilll I ma! ) Grouse!

mastertonyd 2012-12-02 15:04

Great looking little guy! Congratz!

EricBom 2012-12-02 15:35

Great name, great looking baby (but they al do! :) )

And the music is great, although I would personally tried a slower beat. Maybe play it 2x slower.

EricBom 2012-12-02 15:37

And congrats of course

Lunesis 2012-12-08 07:08

Gratz Ray! Nice lil' tune :)

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