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lemec 2012-12-02 12:52

Twister Sisters - Trance Test Track [FREE DOWNLOAD]
HI !
this track is still made ​​with Reason 6 (when still RE's were just a dream).
So Tell me what you think.
It 'still an incompleted' "idea" but I've already made ​​public for download.

I wish you a good Sunday
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mastertonyd 2012-12-02 15:40

Sounds good here!

lemec 2012-12-02 15:56


Originally Posted by mastertonyd (Post 1190291)
Sounds good here!

Thanks.. I will make it better and better for a definitive version.
thanks again for your feedback.
Apreciate it

standbyghost 2012-12-02 16:20

That's a really good track! I am definitely following you on SoundCloud!

Here are some quick thoughts:

Maybe thicken out the orchestration at some point with a dramatic pad?
Maybe keep the pitch-modulated lead at the same melody like you did, but every once in a while drop or raise the bass line in order to surprise and affect the listener!

Just some ideas. Great sound.

edelhardt 2012-12-02 18:08

nice track m8 love it

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