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Jprchal 2012-12-04 00:42

Compatibility of Reason 6.5 with electronic drum set (conected with MIDI cable)
anybody has experience with pluging electronic drum sets to Reason? Is it supported with conection to MIDI - USB? And I don't talk about that table pad drum thing, I mean real Drum set witm MIDI.

Thank you....

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lilgeez 2012-12-04 02:42

Yes and it works well.. You'd have to have the drums set up in the standard midi configuration tho. This will allow you to, for example, trigger the hi hat with the hi hat on your kit etc.. I've found that a lot of the major (nnxt) drum refills do this.. Loading your sounds into a redrum, however, will not give you "realistic results". For this you would need to be able to change the sample via velocity (simulating timbre and velocity changes). I supposed this could be done in Kong.. But would require a lot of building and I'm not sure if you could map velocity to things like filter (drum sounds get brighter when hit harder etc) in the "mini NNXT", so I like using the full NNXT. You'd also have to map the sounds to particular pads to make the drums respond properly. You do however, have Kongs cool effects and 16 pads (which may be enough for your set, but if not the NNXT allows a lot more). If you want to make a more electronic or synthetic set (not realistic), Kong might be your "go to guy". Anyways, check out my track below. I did the drums on an electric set. I didn't do them in Reason because I liked the sounds from EZDrummer for the particular song, but I'm sure I couldve done something similar inside Reason. Hope this helps:D

KryoShift 2012-12-04 17:39

I play Reason instruments with my EWI via MIDI -> USB (a 1x1 Emu interface) so yes, absolutely. It's like using any other MIDI controller at that point. As long as your drums are transmitting the proper notes for the sounds you're wanting to play to trigger them.

Say you want to use synthesized drums and have a Kong kit loaded. Your kick pedal should transmit note C1 to trigger pad 1 (typically a kick sound in most presets), C#1 is pad 2, etc. I don't know about 'choke' groups, though, say, for realistic hi hat playing. Can MIDI drum sets transpose the transmitted note up one when you use the hat pedal? o.O

You can play any instrument in Reason this way if you wanted, though I imagine most drummers would gravitate to Kong or NN-XT as previously stated :D

lilgeez 2012-12-05 01:35

I believe this also works in reason, but you must have the actual samples (choke sounds) loaded into that midi note.. I will check tonite to make sure.. But the "big" acoustic drum refiils I've used I think have them already programmed..

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