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LastAlternative 2012-12-08 04:31

Need feedback for film score main theme
I'm working on the score to a thriller movie by an Indie filmmaker and so far have this main theme for the opening credits, which is why it is so short. It's all about timing with film music so you gotta squeeze the best music you can write in the time allowed, down to the second!
Anyway, I would seriously appreciate some feedback before I hand it over to him and please be brutally honest.
Thanks in advance!
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moofi 2012-12-08 19:30

Three spontaneuos things, the gap in the intro melody is a bit too interruptive. The kick at 0:30 isn´t on the spot + I´d turn that guitar in the middlepart louder as it´s too dominated by the strings.
Overall I´d put more dynamics/prominent accents into the whole thing emphasising the dramatic character. I know you did it already, though it could still be more in my ears, so you got that BAMM on the spot compared to quiet parts. Also the basic intensity of the sounds could be made stronger like you can hear the bow on the strings (compression/EQing?)

The Jurassic Park main theme shows it pretty good.

Really like the swell at the end. Just the finishing tone could be intensified by a final levelraise in the strings and kettledrum on the very last count. Altogether a fitting soundtrack I say, simply needing a bit more enhancement in my ears.

popdub 2012-12-08 23:59

Fine, especially the beginning. (xcuse my english)

to fit it perfectly, I would push up frequencies over ~5kHz about ~20-25%.

(I did sounds in the same wise often enough, to have learned a bit about, I mean - )

AnthonyMichaelAngelo 2012-12-09 00:02

I like where it's going, no doubt. The intro into the 2nd part; would it makes sense visually to dissolve them into each other subtly? Definitely digging the drums in the background.

Nice sound overall, but the visuals would help me get a better understanding.

JpPropellaed 2012-12-09 02:01

It works' i dam near Freaked-out my chick ' i played it really Fukin LOUD ' perhps a wee tad bottom on the kettles !!!!! sounds really good Beerski ' Top marks ,

sbader 2012-12-09 05:32

Hey Beerski, great job on this piece. My only suggestion is it could use a little more atmosphere, especially considering it's for a thriller. I'm not exactly sure if you mean "horror" thriller? But, based on my preferences, dark is more my cup of tea.

This is not a score per se, just an atmospheric based dubscape, I'm in the middle of working on. If you listen to the intro carefully I used some sfx recordings I took with my iPhone for added ambience.

I used the following:
-crickets at night (with my buddies rambling in the background, which is hardly audible)
-cicadas during the day
-birds chirping

The above recordings filtered and mixed together creates an alien like atmosphere because you will never hear all these things at the same time in real life.


-an old mailbox being flicked by my finger

The mail box originally sounded muted, it had a low fundamental frequency and sounded quite dull, but after some creative filtering and reverb, it turned into that great big "china" like cymbal which accented the transitions. You can also hear I used different physical velocity strikes on the "mailbox" for the added "tribal like" percussion behind the main kick/snare/hihats.

This is a very rough work in progress, and was only uploaded to my SC account as a test when I first signed up a month or so ago.

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I usually don't like showing work that has not been finished yet, but I thought it might be worth while showing you how a little bit of custom sound design can really give you a unique sound that is yours.

LastAlternative 2012-12-09 08:45

I appreciate all of your feedback and would like more from others. I will definitely apply more dynamics, more atmosphere, raise the level of the (fake) guitar in the rhythmic part, and also add a little more bottom end to the timpani's. One thing is for sure - I can write good (or at least decent) music but I sure as Hell suck at mixing, even after years of doing it and researching :/
Again, thank you guys for your comments; they always mean the world to me. I haven't been commenting much on the music here lately because I've mostly been writing lately and popping in to ask questions and sometimes bitch about wanting more guitar devices but anyway, you guys always make me do better. God bless.

P.S. This is for a sort of psychothriller movie.

moofi 2012-12-09 19:58


Originally Posted by beerski (Post 1194327)

P.S. This is for a sort of psychothriller movie.

Then I´d definitely also add some psycho elements ;) Like unexpected wooshs/reversed stuff etc. maybe something electronic FX-wise suiting to the overallsound.

JoshuaPhilgarlic 2012-12-09 22:27

I like the music, but I don't like the sound so much. It sounds like a sampler, not like an orchestra. Is it Reason's Orkester Refill? I think it would help to use a higher class library and to pay attention to use appropriate samples for different dynamic ranges (e.g. a low trombone sounds totally different than a loud one).

Dave909 2012-12-09 22:47

I agree with spatzle. The arrangement is spot on it´s the sound that get´s a bit too dry and upclose at points. Especially the lower register instruments. The beat coming in is a great idea, maybe have the kick of it a bit deeper and louder? That would work a bit better in building the intensity there. But you got something really nice going there man. Impressive programming :D

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