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kalle48 2012-12-08 07:24

two-way audio ReWire
ReWire 3, fantasy version -- ReWire with two-way audio communication.

For example, consider a host DAW running Reason via ReWire.

Reason's ReWire outputs appear in the host's list of audio inputs. In addition, the host's audio outputs would now include a list of Reason ReWire inputs.

On the Reason side, the Hardware Interface would be expanded (when fully unfolded) to include rows of ReWire audio inputs. These could be patched to the inputs of an effect device in the rack, for example, or to a Mix Channel that could be used as a Rec Source for an audio track.

The ReWire inputs would be kept separate from the regular Hardware Interface audio inputs, which would still be mapped to the computer's audio hardware but disabled when running in ReWire mode. This is to avoid confusion when the song file is launched under Reason running standalone. You would still see the ReWire inputs, but they would now be disabled.

The host app would still be the master clock source and would handle all synchronization with the actual audio hardware

One obvious problem is the danger of feedback loops between the host app and Reason. Users would just have to use caution when using these features.

There are undoubtedly other technical constraints, maybe having to do with latency, or with contention for access to audio hard disks.

But wouldn't it be nice to be able to use all of Reason's FX modules (including REs) in FX loops from the host application?

ljekio 2012-12-08 08:02

+ 10m.
All time at last week I remember that suggestion.

vivadangermouse 2012-12-09 08:13

Oh for the love of all that flowers YES!!!!!!!!

Having recently been burned by the inability to record audio whilst rewiring, this is a definite +1 from me.

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