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BlackDJ 2012-12-09 07:08

Teamviewer and TouchOSC
I have insomnia like a mo fo out here in Europe. I was curious if I could use teamviewer with the touchOSC to run with reason on my mac? Sounds like a lot... So let me put it in easier words. Is there a way I can use Teamviewer with Reason 6.5 and all extensions instruments effects, act(actually that sums it up) With my mac? I knew I should have brought the Akai MPD 18 with me. I wanna make music without having to use the rex loop player. Or even without having to hit the keys on my keyboard. Please somebody save me. I am American if that matters. So buying itunes card is not gonna work with the american iPad! GRRRRRRR..... most appreciate it.

I love you propellerhead and all you Reason users (boy that sounds like "drugs" all you users! Hahaha)

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